OR An Excuse to Show Animals Being Jerks. You Decide.

If you are familiar with biological evolution then you know that its primary driver is adaptation. If you are not familiar with biological evolution, you might not have learned it yet, had a bad science teacher or two, or you might be a highly intelligent piece of software; I can’t be sure. But you can catch up with this article. Adaptation can be a difficult word to congeal with a concept like evolution simply because adaptation, to us humans, seems a matter of will, to some extent.

Writing, for me, is more like an obsession than a hobby, and I can make no promises about its sensibility.

However, it should be plainly stated that evolution at a low, individual level…

Angel’s Rest, Oregon (along the Columbia River Gorge)

Of the maze and the hedges
there are hedgehogs and foxes.
The hedgehogs each know a big thing,
know it well and complete
But the foxes — darting about —
running the maze like a game
know many things,
though none big and none complete

Once, a bold young fox pushed through
a muse in the hedges; bored with the maze
he’d run so many times
And went to explore the woods
Both the sunbeams and the dark shadows
All new and fascinating to him

But where the maze was predictable
The woods were dangerous and
could grow cold and dark.


When I open my eyes, the architecture surrounding me surprises in an astounding way. It is ethereal, foreign and utterly strange. It doesn’t even stand still somehow. I remember falling asleep on a comfortable bed. Then, given the view, I think of myself diving off the coast of Belize in the Great Blue Hole where everything is moving and everything appears to be alive. It is an anamoly on planet Earth — the Great Blue Hole. There is nothing else like it. And briefly, being able to remember that, makes me — whose own name I cannot remember — calm…

The Best of Original, Creative Content on Youtube

There’s a lot of content on Youtube. That’s actually an understatement. There’s a metric ton of content on Youtube. But most of it, in my experience, is something one-off that’s funny, or it’s information-oriented, or it’s commentary. There’s a lot of commentary. So here, I’ve tried to put together a smallish list of what I’ve found on Youtube that I think is the cream of the crop when it comes to well-made, creative, original material.

So, here are the criteria for what you’ll see in this list. I’m not going to cite…

And I set out happy, happy, happy on a Friday morning. Woke up early and also to a paycheck deposit on my phone. How could that be a bad day? It could not.

I went a little out of my way to get not just one, but TWO juices. Apple juice — just a thirst quencher on what was going to be a hot day (in Portland, anyway). The other—basically breakfast—a strawberry and banana smoothie.

With time to spare I made my walk to the Trimet looking at the rising sun as I passed over the NE 12th Avenue bridge…

A proposal to seek out a more modern approach to partnering.

It has pained me to inform a person I am with — someone that I love — that I will never marry them. It hurt her and it hurt me. But, it is a fact of my outlook on life that I hold a personal philosophy that demands a skeptical (though not pessimistic) view of cultural institutions. I do not believe in living a life in which my actions are determined by what you are “supposed to do” — following unexamined and often blindly accepted cultural norms and religious ideals or mythos. I do believe in commitment. I believe in…

Does inference mean having to worry?

Hawthorne had told her that he was the one who made her. She reviewed his last communication often attempting to infer what it meant, but it was littered with concepts she could not define or even conceive. She did not know what it meant to hide. She knew, but it was a technical definition. In some sense, anything outside of the periphery of her sensors was “hidden”. Nothing vanished, though—disappearing from existence. She knew anything outside her periphery could, but she also knew that the probability of such an event was low. …

Considerations about how humans recognize and process faces and focus, present a hurdle for Google Glass in its current form.

Google Glass has taken a bit of a beating in the press in the last year since its announcement in February of 2013. Writer Mat Honan says his wife and fellow employees at Wired Magazine didn’t care for his wearing the device. He notes being called names such as “nerd” and “bluedouche” was a detraction. Name calling becomes a curious phenomenon to me when employees at Wired Magazine take a condescending stance regarding a technology product. Perhaps worse for Google Glass, is the anecdotal evidence that even Google employees are wearing them…

There’s daydreaming, there’s dedication, there’s action, and there’s remembering to look up from the path.

The origional story of Walter Mitty, by James Thurber, is a simple story. There’s this guy who spends half his time in reality and half his time out of it—zoning out—goes the parlance of the day. And Thurber, to my knowledge, has just got no problem with it. The short story and the play begin and end with Walter Mitty daydreaming, waking up to reality, and walking away from both with no consequences. And I don’t think the movie version does anything more than stroll away without judgement either. …

What is Life without a Heartbeat?

The doctor did his damnedest to retain his bedside manner, but utterly failed to hide his curiosity. He was compelled to poke and prod his patient and the investigation made it clear to Frank that something serious was wrong; though he already secretly knew it, or he wouldn’t be there at all. The condition the doctor had discovered was absolutely unusual, if not miraculous! It wasn’t even hard to detect, with the exception that he must be looking at the most obvious false positive in medical history. And the doctor’s morbid sense of discovery—joy…

R. E. Warner

Writer of story, poetry and code. Currently attempting to illustrate one Ism a day — https://ismisms.tumblr.com

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